Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football Updates

I have updates for the 2012 Fantasy Football Season coming out on my website tonight. I realize that many people may already have had their draft. These people are probably already well organized and don't really need my help.

However, many of us are just starting to look seriously at the 2012 Fantasy Football season. Many of the drafts are going to be taking place this week. If this sounds like you, then you should take a look at Fantasy Football Manager to get your updates and player rankings before your draft.

The reason that I often don't start until this late is because there is a lot that can happen during the preseason: people get cut and sign elsewhere, people get injured, people are holding out. All of this effects the rankings before you have your draft. If you are using outdated information, you can probably expect to draft a couple of busts during your draft.

Injuries happen throughout the season; there's nothing you can do if your team gets hit by the injury bug. However, if you also draft a suspect player in the early rounds of your draft, you probably are going to stop playing seriously around week 10.

Drafting Running backs is still important to having a good team. However, we are now seeing that you can get by if you have several of the best in the other fantasy positions.

As I update the website, I will also put the posts for Overall and Positional Player Rankings here.